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House number nine

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The water and services were installed before I spotted the actual excavation of the basement (right) by Chupa Excavation on May 4th at 4:00 in the afternoon.

This project narrows down the number of lots still available on Forester leaving only two lots on the south side of the crescent and three corner lots. There may be one or two lots where construction has not begun on the year old portion of the crescent.

This new project sits just west of the Duesener home built at the end of last year.


Once the excavation is completed it doesn't take long to get the forms in place to pour the foundation. That work was completed the following day on May 5th (left)

Many new houses in Tisdale are constructed on wood basements because of the elastic properties of the clay soil. However, a few homes are built each year on concrete basements but I have not seen conventional forms used for that process in the past few years. Most are constructed using foam forms which become insulation for the basement. The foam slabs


were being unloaded at 10:40 on May 7th (above).

Though it not a difficult task contractors really take great care to precisely set up the foam and place rebar into the voids before the cement is poured. In this case it was at 10:30 May 15th that I came by as Little RediMix (right) had two trucks on the site delivering the cement for this basement. It was then time for the cement to cure.

The next big step in building a house is getting the floor joist in place. That work was underway May 20th. (below)


Many details go into a project like this one that are not shown with these pictures but on May 22nd the actually subfloor is in place at 5:00 (right) when this picture was taken.

The next step with project was on the 25th when gravel fill was put in place to cover up the weeping tile and secure the skin that had already been applied to the foam forms.

On Tuesday June 2nd the first walls of this new house were constructed and erected. (below) It is always surprising how quickly the actual structure of a new house


is assembled.

At 4:52 this afternoon (below and top of the page) the new house is taking shape.

Once the walls are in place on go the rafters and then work shifts to clearing the area and buidling the concrete forms for the garage foundation.

The pace of construction in Tisdale is very close to work last year with five more projects underway and we will get you pictures of them when each of their walls start to go up.

Timothy W. Shire

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