FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, September 5, 2002
When the property was first acquired and it had been decided to build an A&W restaurant on this property a sign like this one was erected and within a few days it disappeared. At the time it was considered to be just a prank or some kid wanting the "Great Root Bear" for their room. The sign is expensive perhaps as much as $600 and was then replaced with this one.

On Tuesday night someone left the sign in place but added a caption to it and this might suggest that the first removal was not a prank but someone expressing themselves.

Large franchise operations do pose a threat to local merchants when the A&W opened in Melfort a few years ago a thriving drive-in hamburger spot "Brenda's Burgers" could no longer compete with the marketing and capabilities of an international franchise and that store closed. It has been for sale ever since but is no longer a viable business

The hope of many is that Tisdale people and those who visit and travel through the community will continue to support the businesses already in place as well as those opening. Subway was able to create a market in Tisdale without apparent difficulties to other businesses and it is entirely possible that A&W may do the same by creating a market for itself rather than knocking off other businesses.

One remarkable example has been
Sweet Aroma. This exquisite dining spot has simply brought customers to its door who would not have dined out in the past because it offered a special menu and environment that simply was not served by the other places in town.