A& W opens today

FTLComm -Tisdale - Tuesday, November 5, 2002
It seems like a long struggle but that's just because we have kept an eye on this project as it developed but today was the day for the Tisdale A&W to be open for business. It doesn't take a lot of people to make this small outlet feel crowded but everything was in place and there were almost as many employees as customers. The supervisors and training staff were there in droves.

The menu was the big question for me, would the menu be the same as other outlets and for the most part it looks about the same with the same prices as Melfort or Prince Albert. Being a small outlet it does not have any salads just fat, grease and lard food groups covered.

I ordered a teenburger and a medium diet root beer and that was $5.44 so the soup and sandwich at Chicken Delight would have been about the same amount and offered me twice as much food and one third the less fat intake. I would have expected this being the first day open that they would have had a special or at least a coupon but that was not the case. The two teenburgers for $5.00 in Melfort and Prince Albert was not available in Tisdale.

If it is during a rush or you have a hockey team lined up it will take a while with only two tills and a very small counter but the the seating is excellent, the design is just right for the chain and there is no doubt this will be a popular and useful contribution to the community. But Tisdale's other outlets have nothing to fear, the customers who will come here likely would not have come to other outlets and neither the menu or the service has anything to offer that will steal customers from other established cafes.

Welcome to A&W and may you learn to be less pushy. (I ordered my teenburger by saying: "I would like a teenburge, NO MUSTARD, and a medium diet root beer." to which the lady at the till, Lisa, replied "Would like fries with that?" I ignored her question and looked around behind me to see if someone else was ordering because I had clearly placed my order and could not understand why she was asking me if I wanted fries.)

Timothy W. Shire


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