Start at the bottom and work up

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, September 10, 2002
From last Tuesday with day after day of drizzle the construction of the new A&W trudged along since a building like this depends upon the electrical and plumbing services that will support the building's operations must be buried in the solid concrete floor.

On Saturday morning (right and below) the electricians had mostly completed their work as the workers prepared the site for its concrete.

By 9:30 Monday (right and below) the concrete was in place as finishing was in progress and the power trowel worked the newly pored slab.

Meanwhile sidewalks and the driveway pad were getting rebarb.

Now for the first time the site is beginning to take on the appearance of the future site. Areas that need concrete are getting the forms and reinforcement for that to be added while the whole area is having its electrical lines run for

signs, the infamous call box and menu sign.

The whole area will have to have its top soil removed as the entire site will be covered in pavement or concrete.
It seemed odd that they did not have this surface material removed right at the start when it would have been much easier but instead the electrical underground lines have been installed and today its time for the surface material to be excavated so that a gravel underlay can be put down and those areas where curbing will go were defined today and will be excavated for that part of the project.

Above we are looking from the arrow sign at the back that will route traffic to the drive through window on the North side.

On the right you can see the electrical lines that have been buried underground and the other conduit lines for electrical lines that are under the concrete floor pad.

Water and sewer lines are sticking up from below as the main building is now defined with its foam insulating insulation.

Looking back toward the pool we see the equipment ready to strip

away the surface. Mr. Chupa goes over the details with the man in charge of installing the curbing as all of the routes are staked out and the various levels of material will have to be dug up and back filled with gravel.

It is interesting to see this project take shape because when you drive into one of these places a person takes for granted all the various traffic devices that are in place to control the movement of vehicles around the building and in its parking lot.


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