Last New House of the Year
FTLComm - Tisdale - November 14, 2000
This new home is framed and the process of finishing has begun as Rise construction has built what is likely to be the last new house of the year 2000 in Tisdale. This one is located on the North side of the St. Theresa hospital park and besides having a marvellous view to the South this home also has the dog hide to the North with all the associated wildlife that comes with the view. A great location for a really great looking new home.

Though down from last year we have to consider this a pretty good year for new homes in the town with so many built on existing lots which in turn raised the property value for the homes in the area as they neighbourhoods are progressively upgrading. There are still a few newer homes for sale in town and one of the newly constructed homes across from the cenotaph parks is still available. But, with the continued development housing in Tisdale is not inexpensive and the value of the lots and the really choice locations will continue to demand high values.