-----The Whole Thing

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 29, 2000
The town crew were busy this morning installing service for the new house to be built on the corner lot mentioned in yesterday's story. This is unusual as most houses built on existing service lots do not require this sort of extensive service work. However, in this case it is requiring a major excavation with the whole street dug up.

In discussing construction prospects for new homes in town this summer with one major contractor it seems they are expecting a fair amount of activity this summer.

Rise Construction has one house under construction now and hopes to see others soon. Their present project has been framed and today Danny McRae is doing the electrical wiring, this indicates how quickly that project has progressed. Once the electrical and plumbing work is finished that house will be ready for its windows and dry walling.

The new basement across from the cenotaph park is ready for the installation of its basement and with some sun today the site will dry up enough for work to get underway on that project.