FTLComm - Tisdale - May 5, 1999
The new building season has begun and this is the first of the new crop of Tisdale homes to reach this stage. With two condominiums slated for production this year and about ten or more housing starts it looks like we will see as many new dwellings in Tisdale this year as the boom that we experienced last year. One thing that is different this year is that there are more houses on the market. However, dispite more used homes being available, we have noticed that sale of these has been brisk and it doesn't seem long from the time a sign pops up on a lawn until a sold sign is added. Certainly, someone moving into Tisdale this year has a much larger variety of housing to consider then last year. Homes with very modest values to excellent recent houses are on sale and of course, the new subdivision is standing ready to receive a new crop of dwellings. Last year we saw an even mix of stick built homes, ready to move ones and a significant number of renovation projects. From the looks of things, this year has a very positive outlook.