Flurry Of Activity On Newmarket Drive

FTLComm - Tisdale
July 27, 1999

Monday afternoon I was attracted to the frantic pace of activity on the block that only a year ago had but one or two house on it. Today these last three houses nearing completion leave only two empty lots both on the West side of the street.

Skilled trades of all kinds
had converged on these houses to get the job done, carpenters installing siding and exterior finishing, drywallers working inside, landscapers moving in the material for driveways all jammed into three lots of frantic activity.

At the North end of this block a grader and packer were completing the base for a new street in the new subdivision This work is progressing nicely despite the wet weather that has held them back considerably but the first section of street that goes North and heads out to
the West is almost ready now to receive gravel as the base for the hard surface is being created.

While this seems like the centre of the towns construction activity it is just one of many several houses have been built into existing residential areas and this past week the ground was opened up as work has begun on one of the two condominiums to be built. This first one just North of the Co-op Mall has excavation work underway to build the footings for the new building. This new condo will have above ground indoor parking.