Late Starts

Tisdale - October 1, 1999

The almost continuous process of construction work just goes on an on. In this picture taken this morning at 8:50 we see a lot just North of McKay tower getting a new basement or footings for a new building. Chupa Excavation has their equipment clearing the site and hauling away the excess fill.

Though this seems a bit late to get started on a house we

saw this going on last fall as well as houses were begun even later then this. One project that we have all expected to see get going over the summer is the new Coop card lock facility to be built just West of the 7-11 but though the area has been staked and some preliminary service work carried out the project is still not underway.

Below is the progress at the new Tisdale Funeral Home as the footings have been put in place, the large central steel beam has been laid and the new wood "I" beams are being installed this morning. This is a fall construction project but it is expected to move along quite quickly as this sort of building tends to be fabricated quickly because of the large open spaces within.
Meanwhile the Maddison which began in the late spring is now fully framed in with the windows installed last week and the shingles piled on the roof ready to be tacked down. This morning its time for some external cement work as the driveway was partly poured yesterday and this morning preparations to do the area around the South side of the building is in progress. There is a lot of interior work to be done on this project with electrical, plumbing and dry walling all to take place before the finishing carpenters can set to work placing the cabinets and all the other details that go to making a complex structure like this one.