---Sunset in the City
FTLComm - Saskatoon - July 9, 2000
As Saturday slipped away I caught these pictures to share with you. The picture above is of the University street bridge and hidden among the trees is the Campus of the University of Saskatchewan, the once proud and prestigious University of the Prairies which is now a training school and paid research facility.

As I was driving around enjoying this warm summer evening and looking for my next picture I was able to see a dumpster set a fire in the Ghetto area along 22nd street and moments later treated to the sky filled with wisps of the dying light.

But as a background to all this and with certainty, citizens of Saskatoon who saw the FTLComm van ambling leisurely along their streets could see the driver laughing. You see Saturday night on CBC1 is time for "Danny Finklemann's 45s". Danny is a long time humourist who has been with the CBC for decades and continues each Saturday night entertain with soliloquies interspersed between aging rock and roll classics. Last night Danny was advocating "do-it-yourself" dentistry and in home spa and meditation. If you are in the mood for off the wall stuff, tune into 540 on Saturday nights to hear this Winnipeg guy tell his stories.