Working It In, In 2001

FTLComm - Birch Hills - May 7, 2001, pictures by: Judy Shire

Each spring and fall there are farmers, albeit a growing minority who choose to burn the material off their fields. Last spring this resulted in a number of runaway fires but this year the high winds and tinder dry conditions have made the burning a rarity.

These five pictures were taken near Birch Hills on April 30, showing a large but intense fire off to the North West of the town. The first picture (top, pictures are shown in sequence) was taken about six miles East of the town showing the extent

of the smoke climbing away from the fire.

This year there is ample proof of the value of trash cover in ditch after ditch as you drive through the country and see how the straw was moved leaving the soil mostly intact behind and damp enough to prevent serious errosion.
This picture (above) shows the fire on the horiszon as this picture was taken from the top of the hill East of Birch Hills while the picture below was taken rounding the curve right on the North side of the town.
The picture below shows a minor fire Sunday morning (yesterday) a few mile West of Tisdale and is one of the few around here this year.