FTLComm - Tisdale - January 18, 2000
TSL Computers in the Tisdale Mall has acquired a new equipment technician to repair and assemble equipment. With the growing proliferation of computers in homes and businesses it is vital that a qualified and experienced technician be available here in Tisdale.

Joel Wegwitz is from Saskatoon and has come to town to work at TSL computers bringing with him his years of experience and a list of certificates in the various components and systems on the market. The vast majority of computers in use are assembled components with a variety of motherboards, sound cards, input/output boards, associated peripheries and running with an operating system that somehow makes all of these parts work in concert to accomplish the tasks we set before them. Joel pointed out as as he was working on the machine at hand that he recognised the various cards and specific components in this machine and in so doing recognised the characteristics of these parts.

This is an important addition to Tisdale and surrounding community to have a qualified and experienced person available to sort out the problems the evolve from time to time and will allow owners to consider upgrading their equipment and systems as new software and hardware features come available. The next big change in PC computers is the arrival in late February of Windows 2000 which is essentially a modification of Windows NT. This will provide a powerful and stable operating system for PC users but will require some modifications to adapt to the increased capabilities and performance expansion this form of operating system offers.