.........TSL Computers Relocates In Tisdale Mall........

FTLComm - Tisdale - February 13, 1999
Editor's note: This is not a paid advertisement At FTLComm we believe that reporting on business developments is a responsible thing to do and will not accept gratuities to publish an article on a business.

TSL Computers opened its doors in the spring of 98 in a small office-like location in the Tisdale mall. Since then the company has continued to grow and develop. This week it has moved around the corner into a much larger and roomier location where customers can stroll in and look around at the products and talk to the staff.

You might not be aware of the drastic changes that are occurring in the computer industry as we all sort of accept the ongoing situation were technology seems to be racing forward even before we get time to figure out where it is now. Both we at Faster Than Light Communications (Apple Macintosh dealer) and TSL Computers are caught in this revolutionary trend with in the computer industry. As you can see on the window TSL Computers is advertising Pentium II 350 MHz computers which will soon be even faster and more powerful Pentium III machines will will arrive mid summer. When you discover that TSL Computers has only a limited number of computers in stock you might wrongly surmise that there is something odd about this fact.