Monster sale tomorrow

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tomorrow's Schapansky Auction sale looks like one of the biggest we have seen. The sales yard has been expanded and it is covered with items for sale.

Like so many others I toured the site late this afternoon as prospective buyers checked out the machinery and products up for auction. It is the variety that is staggering with this auction. From all of the heavy farm machinery and modern harvest equipment right down to household items, lumber and live trees.

Each sale we are used to seeing a good number of commercial and private vehicles on the lot but this sale has rows of cars and trucks and at least three semi tractor units. What really took me back was the large number of boats. The flotilla includes everything from aluminium fishing boats to high powered runabouts.

Though there are some motor homes there are really a lot of travel trailers including fully modern ones with side out sides.

The sale goes all day tomorrow here at Tisdale and the weather is looking pretty good for this one.

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