Savage weather for big auction sale day

FTLComm - Tisdale - Tuesday, April 12, 2005

April is the time of the year we can expect weather disturbances like the one over night but usually they are not as mild nor as gentle as this one. I noticed that on this day twice during the past six years we had similar weather.

At 7:45 I took these pictures out of the windows around our house with the back yard fulling decorated with damp snow caught on the bare trees and loading up the ever greens. Though there was a descent run off this spring the is a need for percipitation. Things need to get washed and those areas where the ice prevented absorbtion need some fresh water to get growth going this spring.

The temperature was hovering around 0º when I left the house at 8:30 and did not move far from that point all day long.

But even then the streets were no longer white but the grit from the winter had mixed with the fresh snow and was an unpleasant slop.. I noticed that the kids heading for school were completely unpreturbed by the fresh snow and marched along with the heavy burdens (backpacks) ignoring the snow and traffic.

The scene below was at 7:45 and the street was white but by 8:30 it was a sloppy brown. Illustrating yet another reason that snow and rain were a good thing as everything needs to get cleaned up a bit.

The town had their sanding truck out to make sure that the intersections were safe and the Department of highways had sanding trucks on #3 and #35. It makes me proud to live in Tisdale when I see the outstanding work that our contingent of the Department of Highways make it their business to make travel as safe as possible. I suspect that this is not the case in all areas of the province, we are just plain fortunate to have the quality crew we have here in Tisdale.

After breakfast I pointed the van out east on #3 where the visibility was just around half a mile in what Environment Canada was calling light snow but these pictures suggest it was thick light snow.
Bruce Schapansky and his staff
could not let a little snow get in the way of selling the yard full of farm equipment that has been accumulatinhg for the last two weeks for today's big sale. At 9:45 there was a steady line of pick-up trucks waiting to enter the sales yard all of them late for the days activities which had begun on time, snow or no snow.

Most of the huge crowd were completely prepared to handle the elements wearing suitable clothes and workign their way through the rows of equipment to do a preliminary inspection before the bidding came to the items of interest. I remember other sales in the past with much colder and ulglier weather and the auction goes barely noticed the weather they know and have to work in year round.

Each year there are sales like this one throughout the province with huge crowds at them all as farmers use these sales to shore up their equipment inventory often picking up back up equipment as a breakdown during seeding or harvest can ffracture all hope of income in a year and with the margins so tight and the prospect for income so low no one can afford such a problem. Redundancy makes good sense as a form of self insurance.

Every restaurant was full this morning, at lunch time and late afternoon as the auction goers warmed up over coffee and food. This and other sales later in the year bring a considerable amount of business to the community.

Timothy W. Shire


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