Its About Buying And Selling

FTLComm - Tisdale - April 18, 2001
Many feel that an auction sale is the most honest form of commerce, the price is determined by demand and everyone assumes that the products are suspect. Tuesdays big sale was no exception as the immediate parking lots and the airport road were full at 0900 and as the morning wore on the number of buyers increased.

Some agricultural buyers felt that the prices were hitting market values and both the buyers and the sellers were getting the right price for the items offered. The only negative factor was the wind which seemed to steadily increase as the day moved on and by five in the afternoon was running close to thirty knots and even though the temperature stayed above freezing it was time to admire the good sense of those who had come to the sale wearing a parka.

As has been the case in other sales there were people at this sale from virtually all over the place, not just the immediate area but many who seem to be profession auction sale buyers were amidst he crowd looking for the right circumstance and right price.

The sale got critically bogged down in the scene above as they meticulously worked their way through lawn mowers, roto tillers, ATVs and garden tractors. They waded into this section of the sale about an hour behind schedule and emmerged almost two hours behind. At one point a customer began heckling the auctioneer and by-standers were offering encouragment and advise to the sales people attempting to get reluctant motors to churn into operation. But even the sale of heavy equipment went up to eight in the evening and some of the delays were due to the nastiness of the weather as some clouds came along to increase the wind's brutality.