--Picking Up
FTLComm - Tisdale - April 19, 2001
The farmer is on his way home with the combine he bought at the auction sale Tuesday. Bruce Schpansky said that though he expected to be busy this afternoon helping people pick up equipment from the yard it would be Friday that would be the busiest. Many dealers who had shopped at both the Tisdale Auction on Tuesday and Hodgin's auction at Melfort Wednesday would be cleaning things up Friday.

Mr. Schpansky was pleased with the way things went Tuesday and reported that tractors and heavy machinery went for fair market prices and there were few surprises. He said that they next auction is the "Spring Cleanup" scheduled for May 2nd and then in late June will be the next big equipment auction.

The farmer in this combine was one of the later folks to pick up his machine. Most of the tractors drove out of the auction yard that afternoon, only one more combine remains on the lot but there are a lot of other items including equipment, lumber and many vehicles yet to be removed.