FTLComm - Tisdale - June 24, 1998

On Tuesday night everything was in readiness for the big day. Despite the determined showers browsers were checking out the inventory and still others were making last minute deliveries of farm machinery. Bruce Schpansky Auctions are becoming a Tisdale marketing event with sizeable turnouts from considerable distances as people take up the challenge of finding that specific product at a bargain price. Being a summer auction it seems only fitting that this time a large number of recreational and vacation oriented items have made it to the sale including motorcycles, a boat or two, all-terrain vehicles and a few kitchen sinks.

Showers rolled in at supper time wetting down the sales area making for a little mud in the morning and perhaps into the afternoon. Below you can see the water on the highway.

From the pictures above this sale has a wide range of products and if you are checking out this page most of what you see will already be under the gavel. Schapansky's Auction is not a client of Faster Than Light Communications, we are not plugging this sales event, but rather consider it a community event that brings commerce and folks to town.