Big Auction sale in Tisdale Wednesday, August 14th
Tisdale - Saturday,August 11, 2012

This coming Wednesday, August 14, Schapanski Auctions will be holding another big sale, this one is primarily harvest equipment. Yesterday I drop by the yard to see the preparations in progress. Columbines, tractors, swatters, trucks and a host of other equipment was being lined up for the sale.

I was impressed with the significant number of late model combines. But what always catches my eye are the old tractors which seem to emerge at nearly every sale. This sale alone has two of the early 50s Ford tractor. I saw one of these hard at work on our recent trip through Montana and South Dakota. The remarkable thing about this tractor is that it was produced in really huge numbers and because of its hydraulic three point hitch it was a farm gymnast.

I did not get a picture of them but this sale also has three small or light John Deere chore tractors.

This Massey and the little Case beside it both look like they have done their share of farm work but, these are the kind of machines that seemed be remarkably durable. Though most people today refer to machines like these as “tractors,” my uncles usually refereed to their farm tractors as “engines.”

Tucked away on one of the rows I spotted a pair of dune buggy type vehicles fitted out with three point harness for each seat.

It is difficult to summarize the huge variety of miscellaneous stuff that fills up the huge sales yard but there are trees, cement paving bricks to shop equipment, perhaps even a few kitchen sinks.

There is a chance of showers Wednesday so you might want to dress accordingly or bring an umbrella.