FTLComm - Tisdale - July 3, 2000
Basement work begins today on a project on the Town's West side as a rural based trucking company decides to move to town. Farber construction is overseeing the development of what looks like a major project. Today with the help of a Brooksby excavating company they began removing the top soil and digging the hole for the new basement of a sixty-six foot house that will be moved on to the site sitting kitty corner on half a lot of property.

This spring the Co-op moved their grain bin assembly work to the South side of the Westerly most block in town leaving the other half of the block vacant. The plan is for the trucking company to place the home and garage on the East end of the block and develop the rest of the block for a garage/shop for they trucks and a parking area.

To give you some perspective on the project the QuickTime VR below (which is quite large (90 degree) and will take just over a minute to download) shows the site from the West and lets you take a look at the area involved.