FTLComm - Tisdale - August 26, 2000
The merger of competitive businesses in a small town is big news and Thursday of this week Northland Agencies closed up shop and amalgamated with Tisdale Agencies. Both firms offered SGI license services with other insurance programs and this was a merger that just made sense for both companies. No one has been laid off as the two staffs were at work together Friday. The Tisdale Agencies building had plenty of office space and the spirit of cooperation prevails.
As the new school and business year begins it is interesting to reflect on this past year and see how Tisdale has faired with the economic and financial squeeze that low agricultural prices are producing on all businesses. Today there are three empty store fronts in Tisdale and compared with Melfort or Nipawin that makes Tisdale a winner by comparison.

The combination and takeovers has been the main feature of Tisdale's small businesses. The empty retail space created by the shadowy financial business associated with the Credit Union departing saw Martins move across the street and develop a great display and retail outlet. The space Martins vacated was used by the Communications outlet that then left Martins old store and moved up a block into a vacant store front to create an outstanding retail outlet.

The dry cleaning store sold out and with the new operator came a Taxi for Tisdale which is one of the major improvements in this community in the past five years. They would like to relocate so look for them to be checking out some other location in the near future.

The Tisdale Funeral Home completed its construction and has assumed its part in operating in this community.

DJs muffler shop has closed as has DJs video rentals (no relation). These were both start up businesses and it us unfortunate that neither were able to continue operating. GT Mechanical burned down, moved to Melfort and subsequently closed.

Malcom made a big move and took over Crawfords studio offering the same services that Crawfords have always provided Tisdale with the addition of a showcase and outlet for original art and photographs. This move left Malcom's photo shop vacant.

Of course the major shift in the Tisdale market place was the restoration of the livestock auction business which on a regular basis provides an outlet for cattle and other livestock producers and brings buyers to the community almost on a weekly basis. The addition of a tac and animal specialty products shop is also a real addition to the community.

The return of Zellers has already begun to see the return of rural shoppers who had been by-passing Tisdale and heading into Prince Albert and Saskatoon. Now many of those shoppers are making Tisdale their destination.

Though we have weathered part of the storm Tisdale still has many businesses that are hanging on waiting for the agricultural prices to improve. Both major retail machine and vehicle outlets, John Bob Farm Equipment and Bow Mar Sales Ltd have cut back on inventory and everyone in the community is hoping that these two responsible and community supporting businesses will be able to remain active in the market place.

When we consider the general health of Tisdale's retail, service and manufacturing community we can see that though we have had some minor small business closures the general climate of business is solid and perhaps even expanded. Tisdale Electric Motor Rewinders reports that they have seen a general decline of business province wide of about 20% while at the same time Northern Steel Industries production is up at least that much, perhaps more as their underground production facilities is just coming up into regular steady production as they attempt to meet the growing demand for Tisdale manufactured tanks. Nuform Packaging is on a steady growth curve as they are working round the clock to meet production demands and Paterson Welding continues to expand its markets and production capabilities.

Since August of last year Tisdale has seen the construction of eleven new houses and two others moved into town while three older homes were torn down to make way for new house construction and one other house was demolished and its lot is now vacant.

Congratulations to the cooperative spirit and the new formation of the Tisdale License Centre we all wish them the best.

There will be other companies and businesses that I have missed in this summary and I would appreciate hearing from them as I would like to recognise their projects. S.R. Olson Community Advertising Products is a new start up business in Tisdale, already with six employees and good luck to this venture.