New gallery opens this week

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, November 5, 2004

This new business is located in a beautiful setting with its wood flooring and open space it is just the perfect site to display and select art work and prints for your home or business.

The Doghide Gallery is the brainchild of designer Sandra Dancey that opened Monday. With a business like this one it will take time for various components to fit into to the concept. The new framing equipment is installed and ready to take your pictures and mount them in a frame.

The gallery will have a full range of framing options for customers and as stock arrives it will also have a wide selection of prints to choose from.

Art work, originals or prints really can focus your home or room so that it has the mixture of ambiance that gives it your personality and surrounds you with the colours and images that give you comfort and a place to give you that belonging feeling.

These two exceptional examples are excellent contrasts to illustrate what could make a room a special place. This self portrait print of native Saskatoon songwriter Joni Mitchell with its gold formal frame would lend itself to a room that had a formal feel to it with traditional furnishings in browns and yellows. The charcoal print of famous jazz guitar player BB King with its black matt can be the main feature of a "cool" room for the jazz lover and handle the contrast of dark walls and dramatic lighting.
What we fill up our life space with can very much determine what we think about, help us define ourselves and give us something to aim for. In many ways we are a part of what we behold and we need to be conscious of taking an active part in shaping our personal environment.

The new Doghide Gallery is a fresh look at interior design, drop in chat with Sandra Dancey, or give her a call at 873 4118 in her space, in the Wermac Mall.

Timothy W. Shire


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