Cornerstone - Prince Albert

FTLComm - Prince Albert - Monday, March 25, 2002
Back on March 11 we had the story "Prince Albert Undergoes Major Reorganisation" and described the shuffle that seems to be going on in the community's retail sector. This page today gives you a look at the development as it is taking place.

Several construction projects are underway or about to get underway as more and more businesses locate around this sprawling shopping centre. Unlike a mall development this kind of development involves the businesses locating around the central parking lot.

To see this presentation you must have QuickTime in your computer, Microsoft's media player is not designed to display a QuickTime VR (virtual reality) picture. This is a 1.7MB high quality image that combines twenty-three pictures combined to give you a 360º view of the parking lot. The picture quality is good enough to let you zoom in and out to see details in the image.

Near the sun is the location of the Superstore with the Husky flag waving across the street from it. When you swing around to the North you can see the Prince Albert fair grounds, the location of the Octagon building and the armoury.