FTLComm - Tisdale - March 12, 1999
Zellers has closed its doors for the final time on Wednesday and the store is closed for Thursday and Friday as it is readied for opening on Saturday. As you can see below it looks like there is a lot to be done, these pictures were taken just after noon hour on Thursday.

The store has had many of its display and shelving replaced and in some areas stock is being loaded into place. Below a technician is installed one of the two tills in the jewelry counter. It seems only fitting that some repair work is going on at the main entrance to the store as a couple of cracked floor bricks are being replaced.

One unsettling feature of the new store's operation is that it will have no full time employees. All workers will be part time which of course means that the employer pays less and provides little or no benefits. This practice of using part time workers is seen in so many retail businesses including Tisdale's banks, the Beeland Coop, Extra Foods and the pharmacies. While this intended to increase business profits it means that most workers get only half the wages to spend in those same businesses. An excellent example of corporate irresponsibity as almost all locally owned business only employ full time workers.