FTLComm - Tisdale - November 13, 1998
Tisdale's Zellers is in for some changes, slatted for March Zellers will become a BestValue store. The Hudson Bay is the owner of the Zellers chain and during this past year bought out Fields. BestValue is one of the marketing names they are using as the corporation begins to develop a heirarchy of products and relative pricing. Zellers is already upgrading the quality of its merchandise as it will position itself higher on the scale of products but well below the Bay's products. You will still be able to use your Club "Z" card or your Bay card in the new formatted store and other then name and some slight changes in product line things should be pretty much the same.

This game retailers play with names is a somewhat tedious play on words and concepts as we saw this past year "OK Economy" become "Extra Foods". It sort of reminds one of the occassion changing in the positioning of the furniture in your house, same furniture just situated a little differently gives you the illusion of change. And, speaking of name changes, Thursday Chrysler became Diamler-Chrysler as the German auto maker Diamler-Benz has acquired a controlling interest in Chrysler and the take over became official.

No one seems more conscious of names then singers, so for today's quiz:
1. What is Madonna's real name?
2. What was Roy Forbes original recording name?
3. What does Prince call himself now?