Calendars and Schedules

The way Ensign is designed stories are posted on the front page and as we move on in time they go to weekly then eventually monthly lists. But calendars and sports schedules require that we go back to them from time to time to reference things and these can be updated without notice of this on the front page. This page is intended to give you a quick means of getting to those charts without having to go back week by week to find them.
Calendar of Events for September
September 15, 2000
The last half of the month remains football looks doubtful and has not been included on the calendar.

Calendar of Events for March
March 7, 2000
A light month of activities planned so we are sitting on the fence.

February Happenings in Tisdale
February 7, 2000
Here is the calendar for this month and included with this calendar are various events associated with Tisdale Chamber of Commerce

RecPlex Calendar for January 2000
January 3, 2000
Find out what is coming up this month at Tisdale's RecPlex.

December 99 RecPlex Calendar of Events
December 2, 1999
Here is the last month of the Century's calendar of events.

RecPlex and TMSS Calendar for November 99
October 30, 1999
Keep up to date with the activities at Tisdale's RecPlex here on Ensign. Here is the November Calendar but you can also get to it with the button on the left called schedules.

February's Calendar of Events For Tisdale RecPlex
February 7, 1999
Sorry we are a week late but here is a calendar of this month's events, there are a lot of playoff hockey games coming up so there will be additions to this schedule.

Tisdale RecPlex January Schedule
January 1, 1999
Find out what's happening on the January calendar of events.

December Calendar of Events at Tisdale's RecPlex
December 2, 1998
Here is the whole story, keep up with events by printing off this month's calendar.

November Calendar of Events at Tisdale's RecPlex
November 7, 1998
Here is the whole story, keep up with events by printing off this month's calendar.


Pasquia Hockey League Schedule for the 1999 - 2000 season

October 25, 1999
Find out about the Senior hockey league and plan to attend some these exciting senior hockey games. (Revised October 28, 1999)
SHA Hockey Playoff Draws
Pee Wee Ramblers

Bantam Rambers

Midget Ramblers

Tisdale Senior Ramblers