Red Cadillac

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, September 2, 2002

As surprising as it might seem now looking at a 1959 Cadillac it was relatively contemporary in its time. The basic style of this vehicle was shared with the Chevy in its two door configuration but what can you say about a car that is decked out equally both front and back.

Chrome was the predominant theme and

it certainly looked good.

The Chrysler influenced tail fin was sharp as a knife on this Caddy where as General Motors turned the fins on Chevy version of this car out horizontally. I can remember the first one of these I saw and wondered why the designer chose straight lines on the upper surface of these fins.

The Cadillacs from the previous years had the hint of a tail fin but it was an elegant up sweeping curve with a sort of sexual pelvic flair and it was odd they did not

stick with that earlier trend, but someone decided straight lines and there they are.

Now having brought it up Cadillac had deliberately included what most males would consider suggestive breast shapes on its 1950s Cadillacs. But in 59 the two pointed chrome protrusions were removed and in their stead this dual intake looking turn lights on the bumper.

As you look at the massive chrome front of this car consider the replacement costs for

a minor fender bender with this machine.

No doubt about this being a car intended to impress. Its length was the biggest in the General Motor's fleet and was emphasised with the low roof line and a curved side sheet metal that made the thing look like it went on for ever.

By confining the chrome to the nose and tail the designers actually emphasis the front and back of the car while at the same time increase its apparent length.

The inside of this marvel is equally impressive. In 1959 no one was seems

to have been to concerned about a steering wheel that had the affect on its unbelted driver of a bayonet. The disfigurement of car accidents of the era were appalling but so was the survivability rate.

But to end the set of images taken Saturday afternoon of this beast we have to finish with one last look at the tail fin, straight lines and all.

Timothy W. Shire


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