FTLComm - Winnipeg - August 6, 2000
Cars continue to be one of the ways we define ourselves, the way to tell other people what we are or want to be and establish clearly what we like. Classic cars are by far the ultimate statement in originality, the expensive imports or prestige vehicles do not have the head turning quality of a car that was great when it was new and remains great as it is preserved.

This Pontiac was spotted during a traffic jam on Friday in front of the Via Station and the owner patiently waiting for the traffic line up to clear was on the phone but managed a wave when he saw he and his car being recorded for posterity.

Last night at a 7-11 on Ness this couple were in their immaculate VW van, the vehicle of the Woodstock generation. The owner said it had been in the family for years and he had just bought it and was in the process of fixing some minor body damage on the driver side. In general this German wonder is in the same form it was when it was new forty years ago and the owner loves its handling and super ride. When I pointed out to the guys with me in our van that it needed a daisy or two they promptly pointed out this was the way it was originally and we had seen enough daisies festooned VW vans.