Old Timers Make Come Back

FTLComm - Melfort - June 19, 1999
On Friday afternoon I drove from Tisdale to Prince Albert and back and was confused by the traffic it seemed I was in some weird temporal disruptions cars from all past eras were ambling along but seeing many on trailers told me that I was in the here and now and that something was up. It is time today for Melfort's outstanding car show. All of main street is blocked off and from the 7 - 11 to the post office it is nothing but cars and more cars. Ancient wonders like the one above are common place just as are swarms of classic fifties and sixies machines.

As I drove along I met 56 Fords, a convertible 55 T-bird, a customized chevy with the license "IBADNOVA" tail fin dodges, racing stock cars on trailers.

To round out the show Melfort has some monster trucks some towing displays and crowds of people to enjoy and immerse themselves in cars and trucks of all ages.

(sorry about not bringing you more pictures of this event but just didn't have the time to get the pictures you needed.)