Chevy showroom

FTLComm - Tisdale - December 21, 2005
This afternoon I was in the Bow Mar Sales Ltd. showroom and as always has been the case, I was captured by the design and materials that combine to make a car, truck or van. Commercial practical designs always seem to be an art form that we all appreciate but fail to recognise as things of intrinsic beauty.

Good looking designs have always been at the very heart of the automotive industry as the car makers realised long ago that if we realised how much of our income must go to to have the use of a vehicle we would never accept such an expense for mere transportation. So this lead to imaginative creative

designs that would transport the drivers mind as well as his or her body. Styling long ago superseded any functional and practical considerations as drivers will and have sacrified almost any facet of life in favour of being at the command of an idea.
Be it tail fins, horsepower, complex features that push the envelop of potential like being able to drive off road when in fact the owner would never go anywhere where going "off road" was even a possibility. Being at the wheel of something that "could", "can" or "might" be able to surpas the normal is what it is all about.

Timothy W. Shire


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