FTLComm - Tisdale - March 12, 1999
We have looked at Plymouths of this era before. As far as I know there were few differences between Dodge and Plymouth models other then the markings and trim. This one is a two door coup that has been restored with original coloured paint and new upolstry. The body work is outstanding on this vehicle but it has had a full life as can be seen on its steering wheel. The owner, Gerry Tozer, has had it in storage and just doesn't have the time to give it the care and attention he would like and has decided to sell it. He told me he is taken offers or would consider a reasonable trade.

When I openned the door on this car to photograph the interior it was like a little trip into my past as I recalled our next door neighbour in the late fifties, Bill and Irene had one just like it and I was never that keen on it because of its two doors. It was Bill's favourite as he was a mechanic and had done some modifications to the engine which made its

performance definitely superior to stock versions of the car. I recall that it was the fastest one in which I had ever ridden and during the many years it servered our neighbours, I only recall the engine getting one rebuilt and that was
remarkable, as they piled the miles on it relentlessly.

When you see a vehicle of this vintage and see the superior body work and incredible durability one wonders what Detroit could make if they used the materials in this machine with today's superior mechanical and electronic capabilities.

You will notice Gerry has fitted the car with modern tires. In the mid 50s the whitewalls were nearly six inches wide and over the years grew narrow and narrower.

This is not an ad for Gerry's car he has already had several inquiries but just in case his telephone number is 306 873 5127