FTLComm - Prince Albert - October 9, 1999

Marquis Sound in Prince Albert have put together a Morris Mini DB drag car. DB drag is a form of car competition in which cars are designed to compete with one another attempting to create the loudest sound inside the vehicle. The competitions that take place throughout North America measure the air pressure created by the speakers within the vehicle (no occupant allowed in competition). The pressure can be so great that special reinforced windows are needed to prevent them from blowing out of the vehicle.

In order to create such sound levels the vehicles are fitted with immense speakers and
mammoth amplifiers that
consume huge amounts of electricity so that most competition cars require massive power supplies such as truck or even locomotive batteries.

Marquies Mini is extraordinarily fitted out with the back half of the vehicle filled with amplifiers and speakers.

The diminutive Morris Mini is one of the first cars to be marketed with the motor, transmission and drive train all in one piece driving the front wheels, almost a full decade before the concept became common practice in North American cars.