FTLComm - Saskatoon - February 6, 2000

Though new parts of the city have become the "in" place to build a new home this set of houses all face the Saskatchewan River valley and have a clear view of the rising sun each day. Though I was looking for elaborate houses I wanted to give you a feel for the street and this selection of homes were all within two blocks of one another. The one at the top was photographed because of the outstanding weeping willow but in each of these sites notice how important the trees and shrubs are in making the setting seem so attractive. The house on the right caught my eye because it would appear that the folks are either away or don't care much about shovelling snow.

The Elizabethan look to this house is repeated on several in the area and seemed to be a common theme at the time these homes were constructed. More then one example of this design appears on that street.

This traditional American design is seen throughout Saskatoon and in this grand example with its fireplaces the brick look is really impressive. Only a few houses have the curved driveway which uses up a lot of territory and though providing extra parking is less than practical.

It is remarkable how large the evergreen trees are in the yards of these houses. This one towers above a very tall two story house.

I always associate the look of the house below with that of the American South. This is what I would think of as a Georgia Mansion with its imposing columns and
really massive entranceway.
Notice the two story bay window on the East facing front of this house. All of this glass must provide and truly impressive amount of warmth in the winter months on sunny days like this one yet notice in this picture that the drapes are drawn closed.

It is interesting to note that this home is right next door to the one below which is an ostentatious example of modern architecture. In this case soaring panels of glass face the rising sun and sky with dual fireplace columns marching up the middle of these rooms. A full three story house with a look that sets it apart from anything else in that part of the city.

This home would be far more typical on the street then others in this set of pictures and I included it in the collection because of the trees and the special beauty that this fine looking house has with the addition of mature trees.

The house at the bottom is just plain big and this picture is framed with the large trees but I should have taken a shot or two more of it to show the location of the driveway and garages.

This set of homes and the neighbouring ones to these are perhaps excellent homes but the site is in itself remarkable as they all share parkland on the opposite side of the street and the river beyond that making them great all year places to live and out.