FTLComm - Tisdale - May 3, 1999

As the first warm Sunday of the year blossomed a series of signs pointed to Tisdale's newest business. Setting up a lemonade stand on a warm day usually involves a table and some lemonade but this young entrepeneur has gone a good deal further with her series of street signs a great sales booth on wheels, a music system and microphone.

The determined grade five owner operator of this business had her stand last year as well and her dad gets her going with a float to start the summer business but after that her supplies have to come from the business she does.

Felt pen in hand as she lays out some more advertising.

By the way, if this face looks familiar, it is, as I was putting this article together I discovered that this is the same remarkable girl who heads up the safety patrol at school, check back to the article on April 21 to learn more.