FTLComm - Tisdale - November 22, 1998
This grade six paper girls makes her daily run each day for the Saskatoon Star Pheonix. She has forty-seven customers and it takes a full hour to make the rounds. She makes her run after school during week days and about the same time on Saturday. When you consider this committment that is a substantial responsiblity getting out every day in whatever weather and
Editor's Note: You will have noticed in stories like this one Ensign deliberately does not mention the name of the young people. We believe that their story and the pictures give you enough information to appreciate the situation and would like to preserve the child's anonimity. In some cases we have had parents or grandparents ask that stories not be run because of their concern about who might be reading stories like this which are available worldwide. Ensign respects these requests and there are several stories you haven't seen because of these concerns.
delivering the news. Though the picture does not show it her coat was wet from today's drizzle.

Paper routes are a long standing tradition and for many people it is their first job and many life long lessons are learned from this experience. Unlike other first jobs the paper route involves handling money and carries with it a lot of responsibility as people depend on their paper and complain when it does not arrive. But such work can not be done solo, this carrier has some help from friends now and then and knows she can rely on her mom to back her up.