FTLComm - Tisdale - January 11, 1999
If you grew up where it snows every winter then there is nothing new in this story for you because your memories of your school yard snow forts will still be vivid, perhaps as vivid as the location where you got your tongue frozen to some metal object. Snow forts and freezing your tongue to a door handle or zipper are as Canadian as it gets.

This year the very light snow cover made creating a good fort a tough project but if there is a pile of snow then there is potential and the kids at Tisdale Elementary have two and almost three forts to defend themselves with. In 1956 I had my very first knock out in a snow fort. It was to cold for snowballs but just right for snow blocks and someone nailed me with a frozen block in a the trench of a really good snow fort in our one room school yard at Vandura. It was about fifteen minutes after recess had ended that I was able to see and hear again. I blame my spelling on that. (and why not, it works for me.)

Below is another example of a well fortified position near the hill for the slide in the Tisdale elementary school ground. If you have a snow fort story I would love to hear about it.