FTLComm - Winnipeg - April 4, 1999
The heavy snowfall on Winnipeg Thursday night was a delight to children and adults who have not forgotten how to have fun. As we drove around Winnipeg Saturday we spotted countless rolled up creations and thought we would like to share them with you. Tim II got this picture on the right only a block off Portage Avenue with three individuals spotted along the sidewalk.

The ones at the top of the page were in a residential neighbourhood where on some blocks a snowman or woman was on every lawn.

The odd thing about making snowmen and women is not the finished product but it is the fun and simple pleasure of the creation process. Little skill needed just a lot of determination and a
a realisation of how much a big ball of wet snow can weigh.

The cluster on the right are among the most creative ones we saw including the seal on the left of the image with icicles for whiskers.

Temperatures today (Sunday) are above +5 so once again those who did not get a chance on Friday can make theirs today.

As we drove around and stopped the temptation to lob a snow ball overcame Matthew and Tim who plastered Andrew and I. One of those scoundrels was accurate enough to land one squarely on my face, there will be retribution.