Look, No Training Wheels!

FTLComm - Tisdale - April 17, 1999
Our grade one neighbour has made the big switch over. All last summer she wore out both the sidewalk and her tires blasting up and down have a good time, but with the annoyance of a set of training wheels on her bike, but now as you can see, the wheels are gone. With a few teeth missing, trusty helmet in place and an ever present smile, this six year old is ready to cope with her world as it expands day by day.

The little and very subtle changes in her life and the expansion of her realm can easily be seen. A year ago her mother diligently walked her to kindergarten each day, when school began in the fall, Mom was there to walk with her, then only part way, then in October she was on her own. Through the winter her schedule was more regular then any clock as she left the house and crossed the street to enjoy a few yards of walking in the snow. Some days Dad whisks her to school in a pickup but most days it is her measured steps that take her to and from her job. A disciplined good natured person who sticks to the rules about where she can go with her bike and always only a short distance behind is her little preschool brother. Now those training wheels are off but the range of travel is the same.

The days will pass and it will seem only a short time until ten years have elapsed and she will be practicing parallel parking with the family car, then it will be time to take the exam for a license and she will accept the responsibility of taking the car over to pickup her little brother from hockey practice. In a mere twelve years she will be graduating and setting her sights on a much wider realm. But it is with certainty we can say this individual has already the working master plan of a solid future. The self control to accomplish, to adventure, to succeed and the knowledge that she has the support of her family and the responsibility to her brother guarantee both security and a positive life.

It is an inspiration and a reassurance that things can go well to see this little girl at play or busy creating a sidewalk masterpiece as she loves colour, drawing and art. Her spirit and self control with the positive encouragement and support of her mother and father, puts a smile on my face seeing this life take shape.