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Our house to your’s
Thursday, December 20, 2017
by: Timothy W. Shire
In our house the setting up of the christmas tree signals to all of us that the season is upon us and that did not take place until Monday of this week. In many ways, setting up the Christmas Tree is the perfect symbol of the season. I prefer the real thing and that means I have to get myself in gear to procure the tree. Last year, I left it to late and had to go to Melfort to find one, but this year, we had no trouble getting our tree in Tisdale. We stuffed it into the trunk of the car and stored it on the deck until Monday.

As modern natural trees evolve, the trees are of course cultured for this very purpose, but in doing so, they are making exceptional trees. We want them short so we can put them up off the floor hoping that will make mounting the tree in the stand easier. Last year was difficult, but this year was impossible. Our stand just wasn’t up to the task of holding a tree that was as full and extensive as the 2017 version. If you look carefully in the picture, you will see a string running to the ceiling past the top star. That and another in back, are all that hold that tree up right. Judy and I struggled for two hours to get it to stand up and alas the strings attest to our failure.

But, it is up, Christmas can happen this year one more time. It will preside over the days to come and most importantly, we will actually assemble our whole family in the living room for dinner by the precarious standing tree, to celebrate Christmas Day.

Our plans are made and Judy has been preparing food for the day and travel plans made for all to attend. From Crooked Lake, Regina, Winnipeg and Saskatoon, our family will be together and we will admire the precarious tree, exchange some gifts and share in the spirit of Christmas.

May everyone who reads this, have a lasting joyous Christmas, may you laugh, be merry and bask in the shared experience of Christmas 2017.

Merry Christmas to all,
“God bless us, everyone.”