Here's the Church and Here's the Steeple

FTLComm - Tisdale
November 9, 1999

Last year during the anniversary celebrations Tisdale's Roman Catholic church was undergoing some renovations and at FTL we did some design work and image creation where we illustrated the building with a steeple. We knew of plans to install the steeple and at last the time is at hand and the new steeple is being readied for installation. To keep down on wind resistance and not over tax the structure beneath it was decided to go with an open structure. Though aluminum was considered the cost would have multiplied several times

for the materials so this one is made from steel. In the next
couple of days we expect to see it looking like this.

The church renovations committee have plans to install shrubs and landscaping beneath the sign then have lights embedded in the placement to light up the front of the building. Lights will also be installed on the new steeple to illuminate it and lights will be installed to light the stained glass window from the inside creating a harmonious affect for this fine building.

Church architecture is extremely important as the church building itself becomes a focal point for its congregation and a symbol for all to identify with and act as a physical anchor for their faith and dedication. Each of Tisdale's churches are a reflection of the community of believers that they represent and it is interesting to see that each develops their own particular emphasis and that the process of renewal is a sign of the strength of that church society. The Roman Catholic parish has been several years making changes to their building and this summer the Anglican Church refinished the exterior of their building.

As a presence and continuing manifestation of the community as a whole the churches continue to play a vital part in the lives of everyone in the town.