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St. Matthew’s spring sale
April 30, 2016
by:Timothy W. Shire
The rummage sales at St. Matthew’s spring and fall really bring out the bargain hunters and with good reason. This year’s spring sale was no exception and it was elbow to elbow Thursday morning when the sale opened. I was standing in the doorway waiting to get in as there were a lot of people entering and leaving, at which time I checked by a middle aged woman behind me. Apparently she felt that the way to get into a crowded room is a full football line tackle. The tacklee in this case responded with an extensive complaint to the middle aged woman and her big purse.

Once inside the bargains and variety of products were outstanding. I got stuck right inside the door going over the wide range of electronics and hardware. But, as always there is something for everyone. Appliances, luggage, bedding plants, clothing, furniture and a lot of just what could be described as “stuff.”

We came away with two excellent purchases and the happy customers beside were buying box loads of things.

A great sale and the perfect way to begin the spring garage sale season.

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