St. Matthew's Anglican Church - Fall Sale

FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, October 11, 2001

Each spring and fall St. Matthew's Anglican church which includes the parish of Star City, hold their huge garage sale. With a large number of contributors and an able group of volunteers they are able to put on an exceptional sale which attracts people from other communities just to check out the bargains.

This year the sale even includes a working computer and printer.

When the doors opened this morning there was a long line


up of people waiting to get in and see what was for sale this time. We took these pictures just after 10:00 this morning and the place was jammed with customers.

But there is lots of things to choose from, like this set of light fixtures and an amazing selection of outstanding values in clothing.

All kinds of household goods, pumpkins, books, records, and a large selection of toys.

Each fall there has been bagged potatoes at the sale but sadly the passing of the contributor has meant that this year he and his potatoes are missed.

Tucked under a table is a box of thermos containers and a set of containers, this is a really big sale and it is hard to display everything. The large items and luggage are being sold from the garage behind the church.
This sale continues today, tomorrow and until noon on Saturday. There is coffee and cookies so its worth dropping in even if you are not shopping.