FTLComm - Tisdale - May 3, 1999

"If you want to make a good thing you have to start it right" that concept holds true for almost everything and each of our lives appears to be a work in progress. The life of a person seems to follow the same rules as any project and for Christian people the sacrament of baptism is considered the starting place.

This past Sunday a remarkable baptism service took place at St. Matthew's Anglican church in Tisdale. Family, friends and relatives came from as far away as B.C., Medicine Hat Alberta, and various locations in Saskatchewan to celebrate this rite of passage of Tanisse and Tyanna Teale. Tanisse and Tyanna are the twin daughters of Wayne and Michelle Teale of Moose Jaw, grand daughters of Dave and Maureen Booth and great grand daughters of Ted and Louis Fisher. In addition to the twin girls a young woman Corrie Jean Gagnon was also baptised.

Though often thought of as a symbolic and simple ritual Baptism is one Christianity's fundamental principles as it follows the tradition established just prior to the coming of the Messiah as people dedicated themselves to a good life. In today's context the presentation of an individual and the blessing conferred upon them is the dedication of a person's life and the mutual support and validation of that person's position in the society and religious community.

Rev. Harry Wilker explained to the overflowing congregation the wonder of the celebration and how this family has chosen to make this baptism of the twin girls so important for them all. He also explained the positive move in Corrie Gagnon's life to make this decision as an adult and that in both cases the baptism gives everyone present an opportunity to share in the individuals life and by being there they have already shown their support.

The two exuberant little girls and the beaming young woman signalled the harmony and joy of their experiences and in the pictures of the congregation you can share in the collective cheer.

All of these people witnessed the dedication of the three people (Corrie Gagnon is the young woman in the front pew wearing a blue suit looking toward the camera) and by so doing bear a responsibility toward each of them. The parents, grandparents and great grandparents are not solely responsible for the way these people will live on but all present must do their part to do their part in assisting, encouraging and supporting them in the years to come.
Human beings are so completely social beings living in concert with each other, learning from each other and depending upon the society to insure their well being and safety.

The whole concept of organised religion, even of denominations makes such good sense. Families who are raised with in such a community do not have to face a cold world alone and by participating in their church community increase the fellowship they have with each other as they all pass through time with its good and bad times more easily handled.
Following the church service family and friends pictures were made to record the event for posterity as well as the whole service had been video taped by Faster Than Light Communications. Family pictures are more then just documentation and the creation of items to show to friends, as photographs record the reflected light from the people in the pictures and most often that light carries with it the emotions and spirits of the time. How they feel and how they feel toward each other is captured in an instant in a set of photosensitive crystals or in the case on this page by the digital camera's CCD that lets you see what that moment was like.

Three long tables filled St. Matthew's hall as all sat down and shared a marvellous meal of roast beef together. Through the meal there were some short speeches and the celebration of Grandmother Maureen's birthday.