Preparations for Super Confirmation Service

All across Saskatchewan and perhaps beyond the various Roman Catholic Parishes are preparing similar huge combined gatherings to welcome their young people into the church as fullly confirmed members. On Saturday, May 23 this was the scene in the Tisdale RecPlex as final preparations were underway for a combined Melfort, Hudson Bay, Porcupine Plian, Mistatim, Carrot River, Arborfield, Zenon Park, Choiceland, Nipawin and Tisdale confirmation service.
Seating for 1,300 people on the main arena floor for the parents of the 130 young people.

The sound system was installed by a Prince Albert firm which have a massive mixer board, microphones and speakers to fill the building with high quality stereo sound.

Truly a big project for the Roman Catholic Church community and one requiring an enormous amount of organisation and coordinations.
The image below is a QuickTime VR panorama. If it doesn't show up on your screen you need to install QuickTime 3.0 into your browser. By putting you cursor on the image you can move around the room up and down left and right to see what the whole view looked like.