St. Paul's United Holds Annual Fall Supper
FTLComm - Tisdale - October 15, 2000
Fall suppers are one of those remarkable events that occurs each year throughout Saskatchewan and we pretty much take them for granted as being a part of life here. Churches communities and various organisations hold their suppers and the public supports them knowing full well the wonderous feast that will be on the table.

St. Paul's United Church is holding their supper tonight and this morning around 9:00 this was the scene in the kitchen at the Church as
thirty-two turkeys were being
prepared for tonight's supper.

During the summer Rev. Heather Anderson who had served as St. Paul's minister for many years left to take up a part time role in Nipawin where she continues to serve the communities of Ridgedale and Aylsham. Rev. Elaine MacLauchlin who served as Heather's co-worker this past two years has gone to the Presbytery office in Prince Albert.

Rev. George Halliday is now looking after Tisdale's United Church and Ensign would like to take this opportunity to welcome George to the community. (Sorry we did not get a picture but we missed him each time we tried to track him down.)