FTLComm - Tisdale - May 26, 1999
After what seemed like endless days of rain and more rain the sun is at last out and the Tisdale Town workers can devote their time to something other then backed up sewers and hydrant flushing. Tisdale's town work crew work in a team directed manner so that the same fellows will be involved in street maintenance and waterworks.

On Tuesday it was time to mix up a batch of bituman and start plastering some of the many holes that have developed since last fall. This patching process is vital not just to make the streets smoother and safer but to rescue the damaged street surface as well. Water is the enemy of streets it softens things up and with cold temperatures water's expansive nature breaks the surface up.
The weeks of rain have given the grass a head start this year but the town's efficient cutting equipment will get things looking great in short order. This system can sweep a large area in just minutes and the resulting cut is as good as any lawn. All properties that are the town's responsibility are in the process of being cut. These pictures were taken Tuesday morning and the work continues today.