FTLComm - Tisdale - December 10, 1999  
This pictures were taken Thursday afternoon as a few cirrus clouds appeared overhead . Were we to be considering heaven the great beyond above us it would seem perfectly natural to formulate images of the Creator's messengers in the form of these the highest most clouds that form. Cirrus clouds at the top end of the bottom half of the earth's atmosphere most forming just above the flight zone for modern jet transport aircraft. Visible only from below because they are so thin that in flight they only appear as a haze.  
The water vapour at that altitude is super cold, far below freezing and highly reflective as you can see the red glow from the aging sun gives these images a pink ting against the ocean of air that traps and reflects the colour blue to our eyes. Below is the early December sunset with a set of stratus clouds saying farewell the sun of December 9th.