Unfriendly giants
FTLComm - Yorkton - Wednesday, August 1, 2007

For days we have had rumours of thundershowers and severe thundershowers but for this individual up until Tuesday afternoon they were just rumours. We were on our way from Tisdale to Winnipeg and south of Wadena the sky was filled with tough guys. The kinds of clouds you want only to hear about and tremble when you see them and worse still to be heading toward them. As we headed east along the Yellowhead there were signs of puddles on the road and splashes on the windshield then near Springside the rumors turned into the real thing as we waded through heavy rain then as we circled the north side of Yorkton the snapping sound of hail crackling on the vans roof and windows gave us cause for thoughts about SGI and claims.

After a bite to eat we headed east of Yorkton and the culprit was standing up alongside the highway, bold as brass, peering out the drivers side window I could look up the sheer wall of the nimbus cloud gazing up thirty-thousand feet in its total frightening domination of the sky. We expected to run into more of these but with darkness we only could see the flashes both to the north and to the south and we were safely parked in Winnipeg when another would loom over head dumping rain.

Timothy W. Shire

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