FTLComm - La Ronge - October 23, 2000
Last week Ensign did not publish for two days as its publisher got involved in writing a proposal for Department of Education funding.

The time is at hand when we face the reality that the Internet and the fusion of computer technology and telecommunications is not a fad but is here to stay and we had better come to terms with the things it can and cannot do for us. Primarily, computer technology and extensive communications permit efficient and simple handling of information and the collection of data. The proposal that has been created deals with using these techniques in a school setting.

This is not ground breaking technology and the concept has been used and will continue to flourish almost everywhere the Internet is available on the planet. There is a growing awareness that connection and student interaction is the key to a better and more dynamic educational format. Birmingham England is going be closely watched as we see how their mass school and community connectivity develops for this is one of the largest jurisdictions in the world to go all out to make sure that every home and student is connected to their school and the world as a whole.

So click on Bedrock if you want to see this proposal and take a look at the future.