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Massive San Francisco Computer Show
Introduces New Trends

Editor's Note: We are not actually in San Francisco this year, but this story is focused on this convention and with the web we can safely say we are a part of it all.
LComm - San Francisco - January 7, 1999

MacWorld Expo in San Francisco kicked off yesterday with some amazing new products and equally amazing directions for the computer industry. Though this is an Apple Macintosh convention the trend has been since the introduction of the first Mac that the rest of the industry has diligently followed Apple's lead and it is more then safe to say where ever Apple is headed you can be certain the rest of the industry will be there in a year or two. In 1997 FTLComm attended this conference and we were impressed with the developments that we saw that year are now coming unto the general computer market place. The trends set this year at MacWorld will be on their way to a computer near you no matter who makes it.

Colour, no, not on the screen but the computer. Since the beginning of the computer era in 1980 there has been one dominant tone for these machines and that was beige, some manufacturers produced ivory and a few were black
but most were simply beige. The introduction of the little iMac in August has made an impression and now Apple's new G3 Pro line of machines will have the same colour and translucent look to them. In addition, the little iMac now comes in five colours. Though this seems superficial it does signal a different attitude toward computer technology. The idea that the computer was a neutral object, a ubiquitous omnipresent entity on and under office desks is being changed.
....The computer itself has a sort of identity a way of doing things and being part of our lives. Users have always decorated them now the industry is recognising this fact of life and Apple offers stylish appliances that look the part as well as are taking the concepts that go with it. The Macintosh has always championed the "Think Different" concept but now it has struck out on its own to look like it is somehow a different kind of device meant for thinking people. There is no question that Steven Jobs the interim CEO of Apple (seen on the left) giving his keynote address was taping in on the